Llama PalooZa
12 Hour Ultra


Join us in Alamogordo for our first annual Llama 12 hour event! This event is crowned as the hardest "fat ass" ultra by the Sacramento mountain runners.  Are you ready for the Challenge? This fat ass event begins on November 6:00 am to 6:00pm.


What is Llamapoolza: well in short it’s 12 hour fat ass ultra to see who can get the most laps around the famous Llama trail here in Alamogordo! The llama trail is 4.0 miles long with 885 elevation gain in the first 1.5 miles. It’s a technical and rocky trail with fun downhill! The Trail begins at the bottom of the base of the mountain range at the New Mexico State parking lot. The trail is technical double track with some single track at the top of the trail with views of white sands and the Tularosa basin. On the uphill you will climb 1.5 miles including the 19% grade heartbreak hill ascending the top of Llama. Through the downhill you will come across a beautiful cave with sandstone rocks. The downhill is technical but fast and makes for one of the best downhills in the state! There will be two aid stations, one at the top near the cave heading on the downhill and one at the bottom at the start of the trailhead.



This is a Cup less race! We will keep the trail clean! This event will use a board system where once you have completed a lap you ill right your time and lap number to the corresponding name on the board presented. As well, to ensure we get the right count we will be using a simple popsicle stick system. After completing a lap you will right your lap number and time on your stick and put it in the corresponding plastic bag with your name.  The event is 12 hours and you will see how many laps you can get on the Llama loop. Top prizes for the female and male who complete the most laps have been donated and will be awarded. Our local Sacramento trail running group will also be taking donations for the local trails here in Alamogordo. The donation will help us fix up trails, buy the necessary equipment to fix them up and put more money into our community!  Pacers are allowed, please check in your pacer with the race director.  There are two parking areas where you can park. in the NMSUA parking lot located at the bottom of scenic or at the top of Indian wells. Volunteers are welcome at the aid stations.

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Image by Paz Arando



Novemner 6th, 2021

6:00 am-6:00pm


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NMSUA south parking lot at the bottom of space museum and scenic. 



Alamogordo, New Mexico



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