Trail Guide To the Llama TRail

The trail begins at the base of the Sacramento mountains about .50 meters away from the New Mexico State Alamogordo Parking lot. The llama trail is 4 mile loop when completed is shaped like a llama. Don't let this fool you, this is one tough loop. The trail will be well marked with visible tags and signs! With technical rocks, and steady incline on the first 1.5 miles, please wear shoes that have nice lugs as some of the rocks are loose. Once you reach near the top of the climb you will reach HEARTBREAK HILL. Why is this called heartbreak hill? The 19% grade incline for a short .25 meters is a hell of hill, especially for the 12 hour event. Pace yourself on this climb (walking is necessary). Past heartbreak, you will finally reach the top of the climb (climbing is over until the next lap). At the top you will connect to the downhill  on the single track connection trail.  This connection hill is primarily a decline with occasional small inclines. It is still technical so watch your step! After the connection trail you will run across the 2nd aid station. This is right before you head to the extremely fast downhill! The downhill you will speed across sandstone, and beautiful boulders. Speed can be your bestfriend or your worst enemy as you will come across portions of the trail that are rocky and steep.  Once at the bottom you will reach the end. Here you will be able yo track your laps with the popsicle system we are using. You will write your time, and your lap number on the popsicle stick and put in in the zip lock bag with your name on it. An aid station will also be available at the bottom.  Then its back on the uphill!  Below Are detailed videos of the Llama loop, and sections of the trail! 

Please note (if you plan to leave and comeback, please Grab a Red popsicle stick and put in your bag so we know that you are not on the trail, this will help us in knowing where you are at)

Aid Stations: The aid stations will all be volunteer based. Tailwind, Gatorade, pickle juice, fruits and snacks. Please bring your own food and supplies as well. This is a Fat Ass ultra, so this is purely done out of donations!